Impelize your business

Yes, you are right, you have not met the term «impelization» before.

In fact, there are processes that can be named “Impelization”.

You probably know such term as Uber and the modern term “Uberization”, that means the process of easy matching clients and services.

The uberization is a phenomenon based on integrations with IT platform of Client and Vendor.

As you know, Uber saves our time excluding negotiations, arguments, price discussions and other human factors between the Client and the Performer.

Uber says: instead of wasting time for discussing trip conditions, just fill in the form, press “to Order” and get the conditions you want in few seconds.

Just press the button, believe us and get your service immediately.

There are a lot of similar platforms, but only Uber did it globally.

Uber was the first one who offered a fair price to Clients and Vendors and clearly defined the trip conditions.

Could you ever imagine the IT platform that estimates the demand and support offers every second, making corrections for weather conditions and category of a car, etc? No calls for discussing the price and conditions. It is Unique. Ambitious. Practical. Worth trusting.

What about uberization of the government? To automate their decisions? -To exclude their personal interests, mistakes, fears, etc.

Great idea as for me.

For 25 years Impel S.A. encourages itself and people around to find extra benefits in usual conditions. The company impels others to be up-to-date, to be competitive.

Impelization is a process of market conditions adaptation to the Client’s budget. This process is based on its own IT complex and 25 years of experience.

Actually, it is so easy. The only thing Uber asks for is to mark the filters as per the expected service and trust.

As a result, you get all huge capacity, all experience and all resources of Uber at your feet.

Probably, if you got bored marking all filters – you won’t receive the service you expected, but that is your responsibility.

Impel Griffin’s ( )task is to go ahead with a Client, side by side, ruining its fears by acting professionally and showing a real expertise day by day.

What makes me admire the What makes me admire the Impel Griffin? I suppose, these are business environment changes, laws changes, budgets changes, changes of expectations of Clients and Employees.

Impel finds outstanding solutions and makes the offers to the Market.

“To Impel” means to induce, to set in motion.

Positively saying, Impel is a kind of leaving the comfort zone kicker for structures in purpose of getting right solutions faster.

Who could predict that Impel Griffin would be ready to face the global crises of 2008—2009 and 2012-2013?

Who could believe in a possibility of conflict in the East and in Crimea? Who was ready for such a dramatic scenario?

Have we ever discussed 50% loss of business 2013-2015 years?


In 2012 the loan helped our company to grow up. The same loan became a guillotine in 2015. Why? Because of unpredictable external crisis has fallen down local currency by 3 times and the profitability has fallen by 5-6 times.

Still the solution was found. Thanks to the Partners.

Has anyone thought that for several years the salaries for technical staff would grow by 200%? At the same time, the budgets for their services would show only 50% increase.

This task was also solved. Thanks to employees, technologists and managers.

And finally, who could believe that government would change the permanent business practice and backdate its permits into huge penalties? Impel deals with such cases and comes through. Thanks to consultants and auditors.

To resume, I have made some lessons:

Everything is possible.

Real leaders do these impossible things today. They impel themselves before the problem’ is coming.

To foresee and solve without fear of mistake. It is the impelization.

Like a self-kick in search of the decision beforehead.

As well as in case with Uber, Impel acts its best.

You just need to fill in the fields of expectations and trust our experience and our will to be as effective as possible.

Impelize your business with Impel today.

Stay ahead of time.

You can do it.

And we are going to help You concentrating on your core business.

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